Lawn Mowing

SVSS takes a lot of pride in the lawns we mow and always offer our best in quality and service. Every step is taken, from freshly sharpened blades, to changing our mowing pattern in the lawn weekly (if possible), to make your lawn look its best. After all, the appearance of your lawn is a reflection of us and our service.

Every lawn mowing includes the following: complete mowing of the property, string trimming around all landscape beds, sidewalks, driveways, etc. and removal of freshly cut grass from all paved and non-desirable areas with a power blower.

SVSS is equipped with various sizes and types of state of the art machinery so that we can cater to the specific needs of each individual site. This allows us to perform exceptional service on both small and large properties.

Mowing Height

Most cool season grass types such as Fescue and Bluegrass have a recommended cutting height between 2 and 3 ½ inches. We generally cut grass around  3 inches because a lawn cut at this height will have a deeper root system and will be more resistant to weeds and disease than shorter cut grass.

Mulching vs. Bagging

Mulching your clippings is an excellent way to return valuable nutrients to your lawn. Finely cut clippings contain approximately 80% water, 5% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous and 2% potassium. The nitrogen component of grass clippings can provide about one-third of the yearly nitrogen requirement of a lawn. On the other hand, bagging clippings eliminates these valuable nutrients from your lawn. Often times we will double cut your lawn to ensure clippings are finely cut and evenly dispersed. We will bag and remove clippings as needed.