Leaf Clean-Up

Spring Leaf Clean-Up

Spring clean-ups include a lawn cutting, as well as removal of leaves, sticks, and debris from flower beds and lawn. The cleanup also includes cutting back any perennials that were left standing during the winter season. Spring clean-ups will be done starting the end of March, weather permitting.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up

Fall clean-ups include a final lawn cutting, as well as leaf, perennial, and annual flower removal from all beds and grass. Perennials will be cut down to within 2-3 inches of the crown. Some perennials may be left standing during the winter season due to their attractiveness.

During the fall it is important to keep turf areas clear of leaves, as unresolved leaves will cause molding. As part of fall cleanup, SVSS clears your entire property of leaves and piles them curb-side for collection by the township if possible. Some properties will require leaves to be removed from the property.

Most clients have their fall cleanups done on a bi-weekly basis. We do this by alternating our regular mowing schedule as turf growth slows. Leaf cover on each individual property is also taken into consideration.